Online dating websites for black people

Intending to break the mental chains and the victim state of mind, although it might be perceived as a simplistic/generalist approach remember even the greatest problems we encounter surprisingly have the simplest solutions.And it is my strong belief that getting everyone on the same level and platform and opening up a simple conversation is the first giant step we have to take.The fact that we as black male are raised to the notion that concealing our feelings and emotions is a trait that adds to the value of our manhood doesn’t help, it only makes the black almost unreachable on a level of normal human connections emotionally thus shutting down only add to counter-productivity in all aspects of our daily life and this negative chain of reactions tickles down to how we treat our loved ones., unfortunately, it does not transpire well, as relationships fail due to the ability to express the hurt and anger unfairly imposed on us. I run a dating site called Straight Black which aims to connect serious, marriage-minded black singles all around the world.I created the Straight Black Blog to post about stories and issues pertaining to the black community, black relationships and healing.I can go thousands of words deep days about this but without a workable solution it is meaningless literal blabber It may be appropriate to recommend awareness of self first and acknowledging the odds against black men and the adaptations to manoeuvre this dangerous moment that yields lifelong consequences but the solution lies with the realization that dysfunctional state worsens when we are divided as a community thus easily conquered, and as political as it sounds unity of the black masses is the first step in healing the tumour that is constantly plagued against us, that is getting all people on board and opening up the vital conversation affecting our kind in general.And how is that possible to unite mass of colored and people of African heritage from different continents, well that’s a no brainer, the universe has already solved that problem for us, and that is through technology, and by leveraging our universal access to online social platforms we can create a platform custom-tailored to us and our specific needs and of course rational policies to avoid drifting from the main purpose of creation of such a platform, such that then dynamic movements like Black life Matters won’t be a onetime time event that trends only for a few weeks after an atrocity against African people occurs but a way of daily life empowerment to the people of our heritage.

Organized crime stemming from economic inequality and deliberate denial of opportunity is almost similar in all-black communities with a varying exception on the degree of severity like violence and police brutality depending on where you are from.Quite the contrary a huge chunk of black people live free, healthy, prosper financially, and have fulfilling relationships with their loved ones, the other potion of black people who don’t have access to the positive side of life due to the environmental factors around them also urge the same aspiration as the rest of the human race, to drive my point home you have got to watch the documentary about Kendrick Lamar triumph a prolific come up in the city of Compton in Southcentral L.A by Vice on their You Tube and you realize that despite his peers identifying strongly with the gangbang culture (Piru bloods), they are surprisingly honest about their desire to live a better life like normal human beings do, and expressing their despair of having being born and brought up in the gang-infested neighbourhood with illegal and limited options (mostly illegal) as their only escape to a better life.In this light Kendrick as successful rapper managed to escape the ill-fated lifestyle of his peers by overcoming the insanely high odds against him of being either arrested, joining, the set, or dying in the hands of police or a rival gang member and went on to become a worldwide inspiration for kids and youths brought up in the same unavoidable futile circumstances he not only over-achieve through a commercial successful multi-platinum music career but also ‘gang political’ correctness in lyrics that won hearts and respect beyond his crime notorious neighbourhood.In this context you’ll be forgiven for calling out the corporate media for their blatant and consistent wrongfully depicting the average young black male in a distorted image mainly for financial gains and revenue to pad pockets of music labels by manipulatively cashing out on the image rather than the actual story behind it, you may be forgiven for not noticing the recurrent distortion of self-image of black entertainers at this age.

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