Online dating why

Forbes reports that there are about 2,500 dating sites in the US alone.

Throughout the world, almost 8,000 dating sites exist.

Next up, women get a lot of messages, depending on their age and demographic.

When I sign up at a dating site to review it, I often get hundreds of messages in the first few days.

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When there's a lot of competition for a woman's attention, they have to filter whom they want to respond to right off the bat. (For more on this topic, take a peek at Hacking Ok Cupid To Your Advantage).

For some people, the same can be said for online dating.

They’ll see singles editing their profiles or swiping through matches on their phone, and they’ll think, “Why the hell would someone want to do that?

If you do end up upgrading your membership, the monthly fees aren’t that bad either.

Take Tinder, it’s .99 a month if you’re under 30. Joining a date site is one of the quickest and simplest things you can do to improve your love life.

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