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Adoption fairs are ineffective, set the wrong expectations, and are damaging to the children. Instead of speed dating, kids would be better off if states used “arranged marriages” to place them in homes with certified “professional parents” – parents ready to handle all the challenges and joys that adoption brings. When I was ten years old in the early 80s, I participated in an adoption fair.

My family of thirteen – two parents and eleven children – was dismantled when my youngest brother died of malnutrition.

It was a choice for me that resulted in some very difficult years until I turned 18 and moved out.

They do, but few states actually track the numbers, and where it has been tracked, the numbers are limited.

In Massachusetts, according to Carol Yelverton, the public affairs director for the Department of Social Services, adoption fairs count for only 10 percent of her state’s adoptions.

Potential adoptees often engage in their own pursuit of love, a speed dating of sorts called adoption fairs. Children available for adoption are brought together in a party-like atmosphere to mingle with would-be parents.

The idea is to see if there is a mutual attraction.

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