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“Now you have the bishops all saying it’s ubiquitous.”Cardinal Di Nardo said he expected the American church would be asked for resources to assist other dioceses in rolling out reforms. “They want us to take action.”Archbishop Eamon Martin, president of the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference, said that the obligation to protect children in the church rightfully fell on the world’s bishops.“I am always frightened about the thought that somehow safeguarding can be commanded from Rome,” he said on Saturday.Archbishop Martin argued that the meeting itself had sent a strong message of what was expected of bishops, even those skeptical of how widespread the crisis is.At first, Cardinal Di Nardo said, some countries did not want to admit that they had the same problems as the United States, Cardinal Di Nardo said.But in the end, he said, he was impressed with the consensus that developed.“This went far better than I think some of us had hoped,” he said.

“As the world’s Catholics cry out for concrete change, the pope instead provides tepid promises, all of which we’ve heard before.”Pope Francis had raised expectations for a policy breakthrough in September when he summoned the presidents of the world’s local bishops conferences to participate in the meeting.Inside, at sessions presided over by Pope Francis himself, the world’s top bishops, clad in their black cassocks and purple sashes, listened every day to the brutal testimony of abuse survivors — many of whom spoke about the indifference and complicity of church leaders like them.A Nigerian nun excoriated them for their hypocritical silence and lack of transparency.The Roman Catholic Church has been devastated, and Francis’ legacy threatened, by a cascade of investigations by civil authorities into clerical sexual abuse.There have also been accusations from within his own hierarchy that he covered up the misconduct of a top prelate, Theodore Mc Carrick, a former cardinal and archbishop of Washington who has been defrocked.

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