Optically stimulated luminescence dating

The oldest event recorded during this study was after deglaciation at ca.15 200 a. 14 500 to 13 000 a and the last date obtained in this event is at the beginning of the Younger Dryas. 1900 - 1700 a at the time of the Roman warm period. 400 - 300 a and the fifth or latest episode was at ca. The first episode was deposited right after deglaciation and the remaining four episodes were deposited probably due to climatic impact such as strong storminess or by human activities.

(Less)Sammanfattning: Vind är en viktig process för sedimenttransport och för landskapförändring, och eoliska sediment (flygsand) kan användas för att rekonstruera forntida klimat.

(More)Wind is an important agent of transportation of sediments and to change the landscape.

The main aim of this study was to determine the timing of aeolian sand deposition and to relate it with past climate and environment.

I Sverige är utbredningen av flygsand inte så stor och det finns inte många studier med kronologi- eller paleomiljöperspektiv.

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For calculating the annual dose rate, the elemental concentration of U, Th and K (by XRF or ICP-MS) in the sediment and water content in the sediment are required.Luminescence dating provides absolute ages and has very important application in Quaternary geology and archaeology.The following events can be dated by luminescence technique i) The most recent sun bleaching (application in sediment dating) ii) The most recent thermal event (application in archaeology, baking by lava flows, fusion crust of meteorites) iii) Crystallization event (application in travertine's in caves) Sediment sample should be collected in steel pipe to avoid any exposure to sun light. In the lab (under sub-dued red light condition), chemical treatment, sieving and mineral extraction will be carried out.Both coarse- and fine-grained material can be used for dating. Wiley Online Library requires cookies for authentication and use of other site features; therefore, cookies must be enabled to browse the site.

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