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March — Russian intelligence services probably begin the cyber operations that resulted in the compromise of the personal email accounts of Democratic Party officials and political figures. 6, 2017, report issued by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.) More than “300 individuals affiliated with the Clinton Campaign, DCCC, and DNC” were targeted.(This is according to the July 13, 2018, indictment filed against 12 Russian military intelligence officers.In a statement, Sessions says that Trump knows “our country needs a clear-eyed foreign policy rooted in the national interest.” March 6 — George Papadopoulos accepts an offer to be a foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign.(“Approximately a week after signing on as a foreign policy advisor, Papadopoulos traveled to Rome, Italy,” where he was introduced to Joseph Mifsud — a professor who “maintained various Russian contacts while living in London,” according to the Mueller report.

Jeff Sessions of Alabama chairman of the campaign’s National Security Advisory Committee.

He needs a copy of your and Donald’s passports they need a scan of every page of the passports.

Invitations & Visas will be issued this week by VTB Bank to discuss financing for Trump Tower Moscow,” Sater writes, trying to arrange a visit to Moscow for Cohen and Trump.

Here we present a timeline of key events in the investigation. For those reading this on a website other than Fact, please click here for updates.

June 16 — Trump announces that he is running for president.

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