Oriogun validating an approach to examining cognitive Chattanooga sex chat

Creative thinking skills can be considered one of the key competencies for the twenty-first century—they allow us to remain flexible and provide us with the capacity to deal with the opportunities and challenges that are part of our complex and fast-changing world.The increased focus on innovation combined with recent reports of decrements in creative performance brings attention to the need to develop creative thinking skills at both the educational and business levels.

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As such, people of all age groups could benefit from a training that enhances creative performance.

Developing, evaluating, and implementing new content into the educational curriculum, such as creative thinking skills, take significant time.

A valid alternative during this transition period might be to offer a short, well-developed, and scientifically tested creativity training—one that can be implemented easily in schools and business settings.

Following the creativity training, improvements were observed across a variety of creative performance measures.

Importantly, the creativity level of the ideas generated during the divergent thinking task improved post-training.

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