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When Paige is fired from her job because her boyfriend at the time, Spinner Mason, gets in a fight over Manny Santos, Alex gets it back for her.When Alex became the school's vice president, she starts hanging out with Marco Del Rossi.The two soon grew to respect one another, even becoming good friends.In the fifth season, through a series of events, the two ended up kissing, which caused Paige to question her sexuality.Alex even "rewards" Paige for her good cleaning skills with a bag of candy.As the two talk, Alex admits that she used to be afraid of Paige.

As Paige and Marco Del Rossi are walking through the hallway in King of Pain, Paige trips over Alex's legs.

Despite Paige's initial reluctance, the two began to date.

As graduation loomed closer for them, Paige's big future shone brightly while Alex's did not.

Alex then left Toronto to live with her aunt in Ajax.

On their first day of Grade 11 in Ghost in the Machine (1), Alex and Ellie Nash were hanging out in front of Degrassi when Paige greeted the latter.

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