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Now, let’s put an end to this and install a plugin that just works flawlessly.As usual, you can use the Ubuntu graphical tools, or do it on the command line: Now restart Firefox, and you should be able to play any Windows media files directly from your browser.

The previous crew supposedly fled of the mine in fear of “Tommy-Knockers” (an old-time miner superstition), which inspires the owner to hire a pair of paranormal investigators to join the grizzled workers.When I try to create a pull request on Git Hub for one of the private repositories I contribute to, Firefox hangs and crashes badly enough that I need to kill the process or wait several minutes for the page to respond again.I was able to re-enable all of my add-ons and plugins and while there is a momentary hang when doing a compare, that matches the hang seen in Chrome which I assume is doing some minor background checking and re-rendering the page.“Ghost Mine” is a testament to the courage of multiple generations of miners — those who lost their lives or put them on the line to feed their families.For that at least, the show is worthy of recognition.

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