Pay nuthin for fhone chat

Short codes are short number sequences (between 3 and 8 digits, depending on the country or region that the code is based in) for sending and receiving text messages.Short codes are easier to type and memorize than traditional phone numbers.With Amazon Pinpoint, you pay only for what you use.There are no contract negotiations and no minimum charges.Phone Number Validate also provides important information about your customers’ phone numbers.For example, it can tell you if a phone number is a landline, a Vo IP number, or a mobile number.You can purchase short codes for several different countries and regions directly through AWS.

You're responsible for paying these charges, even if the short codes that you requested haven't been completely provisioned yet.

In the US, it usually takes 8–12 weeks for short codes to be ready for use on all carrier networks.

Short codes might be ready for use on some carrier networks before they’re ready on others.

The price for sending SMS messages varies between countries and regions, and in some cases, between carriers in the same country or region. Use the following pricing tool to see the prices for sending and receiving messages for each carrier in a country or region.

If you send more than 3 million SMS messages per month, contact [email protected] discuss custom pricing.

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