Perceptions dating infidelity scale

In-depth interviews with 24 Mexican American girls, ages 14 to 18, growing up in inner-city neighborhoods, formed the basis of this study.Although cheating was a major concern, most of the girls were more…Numerous studies have been conducted examining leadership within community colleges, participatory governance and its role, as well as conditions that support organizational change.

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However, no analysis has been completed documenting the rebuilding of trust within a community college after a trauma is experienced on an institutional level.

Broken…In this essay, Doris Santoro examines the discourse of "fidelity of instruction" to show how it is doublespeak for teacher compliance that is incompatible with democracy and education.

From the sample of 773 participants, 66.9 percent reported that they never cheated on a romantic partner, while 33.1 percent had.

Of those who answered yes, a majority (79.7 percent) reported that they had cheated one to four times.

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