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ASFWs have a tendency to think dating is fun, but also frustrating.They have a stronger potential to clash with partners who are Cautious, Timid, or Resolute, as those personalities can feel unsettled by ASFWs’ confidence and open-mindedness.ASFT types prefer a night in or time at home versus discovering new places or trying new activities.ASFTs are excitable, confident, accommodating, and enjoy familiar social settings.Then, the gathered data is put into our unique algorithm, which uses science to forecast your future –– and help you perfect it.

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Knowing your romantic personality, Nanaya is able to predict your future based on the average outcomes of your personality peers.They can be stubborn about values, so aligning with a partner that is open-minded is ideal.Relationships with ACRWs will be most successful when each party is open about their intentions and desires from the start and communication is prioritized.ASFW types are full of creative energy and expressiveness.They aren't afraid to try new things and make decisions with confidence and intent.

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