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and the game play may seem a bit confusing to some because it skips all the tutorials too.Another note about Free Mode: it's good for getting other events and endings you perhaps didn’t get when you played the first time through in Story Mode.People seem to be pretty good at figuring things out and those who can’t figure it out normally find the solutions via Google searches or from the comments on here. (seriously, they are not cute and I do not pity them like Vanellope in Wreck-It Ralph) There shouldn’t be any (that cause big issues), but some of them are sneaky… But if you do find any, you can describe the problem in a comment on here and I’ll take care of it. If you want to tell me about any, either quote it in a comment on here or just describe the basic context of the conversation. Do you find being able to control digital people—making them cook, clean, exercise, watch TV, find a job, pay bills, form a family, and have social interactions—incredibly addicting?

(Blergh) so I added a "sex tape" for you to earn in this game and a hot gallery...

I guess it could be described as part adventure, part dating sim, and part strategy? some parts of this might drive you "easy-going players" a little nuts. If you’re really not interested in the story and just want the romance, then make sure to select Free Mode in the menu where you fill out your name, select your star sign, etc.

But do note that the romance may feel a bit rushed if you skip all of the story scenes…

February 1st has meant exactly one thing here at Chic Pixel: It’s the start of the dating sim Community Game-Along!

Get in the romantic spirit for Valentine’s Day or just because romance games are awesome by playing a dating sim anytime this month to participate!

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