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What do your friends and family back at home think about moving to Poland? My family haven’t yet visited me in Poland, but I am sure they will very soon.Lots of my friends have been over however and they all loved it.How would you describe your professional life in Poland? When I came back here in 2015, I was reviewing tours, hotels and hostels and working as a professional travel blogger and writer. I usually get paid in US Dollars or British pounds, so I also find it cheap to live in Poland.I have been a freelance travel writer, blogger and itinerary planner for about 5 years now, but I also work professionally as a Business English teacher and lecturer and I always have side projects on the go.

I don’t experience any problems here, problems that were rife when I lived in England, China, Uruguay and Australia.Northern Ireland sadly doesn’t have a separate passport, so I came here on my Irish passport, which represents not just the 6 counties of Northern Ireland, but the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland.Ironically, as a Northern Irish nationalist without our own 6 county passport, I will be able to use my Irish passport, as 26 counties of Ireland are not included in the Brexit and will remain in the EU.You come from Northern Ireland, which makes you a UK citizen.How do you feel Brexit will affect your freedom of movement?

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