Portland maine dating newspaper

There are infinitely more people around my age in this town—so that alone opens up a lot of possibilities.

I've found that dating is pretty relaxed around here most of the time, and I honestly feel like people are more themselves.

When I moved to Portland last February, I was convinced that was all about to change. (Is it my fault burritos are so much easier to talk to?

This would be the time and place in my life when I could date freely and successfully. ) Now I find myself back at the crux of perpetual singledom.

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You might be over 50, but your romantic life is far from over!I've finally started to wonder if it's because my life is some sort of Never Been Kissed parody or if the fault lies with the city itself.Maybe Portland isn't the dating mecca I dreamed it would be.Dating in bigger cities is different: There are more races, religions, and guys with jobs in finance. ) Suzette Smith, 33 Cis woman, heterosexual, eight years in Portland, single most of them.I dated a dude from Boston for a spell, and he was horrified about my Portland dating experiences. "I recently realized I've never declared my love on any social media sites, so by Millennial Law—I made this up, but I think all millennials get my meaning—I've never actually dated anyone.

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