Post dating checks in ny

So the only way to ensure that a post dated check you may present to someone else will clear once it arrives at the bank it was drawn on, s not to write it unless you can over the full amount.And to ensure a check you deposit will not get returned, you must not deposit it until the date written on its face is current or has recently passed.Under the program, the DA’s Bogus Check Division is authorized to collect the check’s amount from you, plus any bank fees incurred by the payee and an additional .If the check was written for a large amount, you may be able to enter into a binding agreement to pay it in installments.

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However, Oklahoma law assumes the worst about your intentions.

The law takes it for granted that you intended to defraud the payee and wrote the check without intending to pay for the services or merchandise.

This is the case even if something went wrong with your bank account and you acted unknowingly.

However, a bank has no duty to respect that limit, and may pay the check in advance of its stated date, unless the customer gives notice to the bank of the postdating, describing the check with reasonable certainty.

(Commercial Code § 4401) It is a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Law for a debt collection agency or a creditor who regularly collects its debts to deposit a postdated check before its due date.

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