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The team that finishes all the balls first is the winner.

The winner of the previous rally serves as the striker.

The member of the striker team (the team that won the coin toss) gets one ball from the bucket while the other player (the player of the non-striker team) just touches the bucket.

The moon ball game is our second set of tennis drills and games that helps players develop their singles and doubles tactics and techniques.

This drill differs from other tennis drills games in such a way that players are not divided into two teams. The objective of this tennis drill is to beat the pair that is assigned as the champion team.

Thus, the players are divided into pairs and one of the pair is called the champ while the others are called as the challengers.

To start with the Moon Ball tennis drills and games, the coach must feed the ball to the “champion pair” and one of the challengers (the other challengers are in queue waiting for their turn) tries to return the ball and the force the champ to make errors.

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