Problems updating windows vista to windows 7

Note that Windows XP is not directly upgradable to Windows 7. You can upgrade to Windows Vista with migration tools built into Vista, and then upgrade from Vista to Windows 7.The second way ---- which I recommend ---- is to back up the user's computer and Windows settings, then install a new version of Windows 7.Some will handle upgrades on a machine-by-machine basis, and others will create an image that is installed when the user next logs on.Some organizations will upgrade Windows Vista systems, while others will choose to back up system settings and do complete, new installations and restore user settings (or not).

There is not a direct upgrade path for Windows Vista (or the much older Windows XP) to Windows 10, as such you’ll be doing a clean installation of the OS, which will wipe your computer clean, deleting your files, apps, and settings to start from scratch again.

However, you could try a third-party software, such as Macrium Reflect.

It cost a little bit of money, but if anything goes wrong, having a backup will ensure you can go back.

A tool such as Cross Tec's EMS can be used to create an inventory of the hardware and software in an enterprise. If you're following a two-step upgrade path (from Windows XP to Vista to Windows 7), you should back up of all data, apps and settings on the computer.

This inventory can ease the process of determining which computers are candidates for upgrades or clean installs. A variety of tools can do this, but Microsoft includes Easy Transfer, which can transfer files and settings to a remote hard drive, a flash drive or an office network.

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