Professional dating advice

Don’t suggest talking about your date’s sexual fantasies.Unless you are completely delusional, you can probably guess what gets your man off.Gynecology is an important medical field, but unlike some other medical specialties, gynecology isn’t exactly dinner conversation material.If you think you’d like to date a vagina doctor, you’d better read our Top 5 Gynecologist Dating Tips.Don’t go down this road unless you are searching for a relationship-ending argument. Or, more correctly, you’ll be lucky to be in your man’s Top 100.Being a gynecologist is like playing Russian roulette: for every 50 repulsive patients your man deals with, there is one woman who makes his being outcast from society worthwhile.Take advantage of your Japanese girlfriend’s traditional feminine role and have her do the hard work for you.

It takes years for a cancer male to come out from the shell he has hidden behind like a scared child his whole life, and it’s simply not worth the effort.Freshly asphyxiated fish, raw eggs and rotten soybeans are commonly eaten in Japan.Not only is this diet easy to prepare, you will save time and be able to cook yourself an edible dinner that won’t inevitably result in stomach cancer.You know exactly where those hands have been, and you’ll be lucky to get the image out of your head when — or if — you can bear things becoming more intimate. If you come from an open, polygamist relationship you will already be accustomed to overlooking your partner’s insatiable sexual appetite.However, if — like any self-respecting individual — you prefer monogamous relationships, try to convince yourself that your partner is a medical professional who chose such a deranged profession because of a deep concern for women’s health, rather than the real motive: to assert control over women. Get to know your date’s work by spending a day together in the gynecologist examination room.

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