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When these are shared it makes two people want to talk to each other.Over time, partners tend to adopt some of each other’s interests.There was a blog post in Psychology Today yesterday that had the provocative title “Sorry e Harmony, Compatibility Can be then Most Overrated Factor in Relationship Building”. Or is the author simply misinformed about what e Harmony actually does. Some of the areas he says you should pay attention to are conflict resolution, sleeping, spending money, recreation, spirituality, eating, and pastimes. Does the author believe that compatibility is not important? Heisler comes to the conclusion that compatibility on certain things is actually very important.While that can be exciting at first eventually it just becomes exhausting.As we like to say “Opposites attract, and then they attack” Compatibility isn’t really about shared affinities. More often sharing some of the same interests and hobbies promotes interpersonal chemistry between two people.Can men and women ever be friends without sex or feelings getting in the way?

Early in marriage couples are often very satisfied and don’t report high levels of conflict, so this difference doesn’t impact the relationship.

But whether you pick up a new fondness for hiking or skiing with your partner probably will not fundamentally change how you interpret the world around you. Heisler also makes another excellent point, that only certain aspects of compatibility are important at certain times in a relationship.

For example, it is fairly well known that differences in how partners resolve conflict can lead to a destructive cycle in a long term relationship.

Much of Savoy's wisdom, however, is earned through practical experience.

You see, for over ten years, he and his team of coaches have been meeting and training thousands of men and women, in bars, clubs, and coffee shops around the world.

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