Quotes about older women dating younger men

Dating younger will help keep you young and bring back the glow of youth. Men have traditionally sought the company of younger women, also known as "arm candy." Now it's your turn. 5) For Oedipus The term for this classic psychological motivation was coined by our friend Dr. The Oedipus complex is actually based on Greek mythology and a tragic play by Socrates.The briefest explanation - when a young seeks the love of his mother – but from another woman. Maybe he appreciates your ability to nurture and the wisdom that only time can bring. It's actually flattering to have someone look up to you.Why not show someone younger the ropes of romantic relationship and have fun through all the learning. Ask Aston Kutcher and Demi Moore, Katie Couric and Brooke Perlin, and so many others.7)For Love Last, but not least, he might date you for LOVE. He saw you, was struck by your beauty and charm, and just fell head over heels. It's all the rage in Hollywood and for good reason.What are the things to consider while travelling to Lucerne with Your Partner The Truth About What Happens to Your Vagina When You Haven't Had Sex in a While5 fun date ideas in the USAA Baby Boomer's Guide to Golden Age Dating Dear Dr. Love Bombing: Are Some People Easy Targets For ' Love Bombers'?Romance: Although I had to let go, I still care a lot. She's been featured on Sally Jesse Raphael Radio, and as well as TV, radio, and print.

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And let's face it, many of these "cougar-types" are looking for what older men have known for years.Because this May-December romance thing which was previously frowned upon and poo-pooed, has now become acceptable.Chemistry is something that cannot easily be explained.There are countless reasons why a younger man might date an older woman, but here's a list of seven that are the most probable from this dating coach's perspective.1) For Lust Maybe you're just hot and he wants you. After all, nature has played a mean trick on humans with women reaching their sexual peak later in life and men reaching it earlier. Not only that, but if a younger man finds you attractive, whether or not you go for it, his attention is flattering.

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