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I moved to the UK in 1999 to study International Relations & Politics at Portsmouth University.

I found in my previous working life that most people would at some point come to me for advice.He wasn’t ready to jump into another relationship; but I was. Although I thought I was in a relationship ( I admit! This is a win-win situation for those who want to start a business that is focused on helping people transform their lives with love.I was lying to myself so that I wouldn’t feel like there was something wrong with me.) but he didn’t think so. : Well, to be quite honest, I never thought I'll want to be or end up a Love Coach. There are many coaches out there, such as life coaching, business coaching, success coaching and relationship coaching.Many people mistake me as a dating coach but I don't teach people how to date.I teach and help people how to attract the LOVE they desire getting clear on what they want out of LOVE, unblock their limiting beliefs and clear relationship blockages.

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