Relative dating lab lesson plans

Quick Links: Classroom Volcano | The Chocolate Rock Cycle | Silurian Death Assemblage Cupcakes | Oh no, not rocks for dinner again!

| Igneous rocks | Plate Tectonics | Make-a-Map | i Geology App | Geological Time | Relative Dating | Forensic Geology | Diagnostic Mineral Assessment | What Grains Can Tell Us | The Anthropocene | Earth Learning Idea This simple experiment gives an idea of what a volcano can look like when it erupts, giving children or inquisitive adults a close up view of a ‘lava flow’ as it happens.

Read the lesson plan Download the lesson plan as a pdf By our resident geobaker, Catherine Kenny Download the Silurian Death Assemblage Cupcakes recipe A small group activity using photographs of igneous rocks used for ornamental purposes.

A 1st or 2nd-grade lesson plan using Peter Murray's book by this title. The American Prairie A lesson plan for grades 6-8 from The Discovery Education.

Watershed Wonderland A lesson plan in pdf format on the Great Lakes Watershed.

If you are doing an integrated unit on Lake Superior, take a look at Fish and Fisheries, Minnesota's Historic Shipwrecks, Lights of Lake Superior, and the Great Lakes Commission. It is an interactive curriculum designed for advanced high school and college students that uses real lake data to explore basic science concepts through directed study and inquiry.

Read the lesson plan Download the Classroom Volcano lesson plan Chocolate has the ability to be ground into small particles, heated, cooled and compressed just like rocks.

Create your own sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous chocolate.

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