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You can start a really cool one all on your own, just by using the fantastic CMS that is Word Press.Word Press is so simple to use, everyone from your neighbor in their 60s to your teenage niece are now using it to showcase their hobbies and also to start their own business ventures.Before communicating on Stitch, all our members must perform a verification check, which prevents scammers and con-artists from abusing our site or contacting our members.

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Please read our Definitive Guide to Staying Safe Online!

But what’s all this got to do with Word Press, you might be wondering?

Looking at the above figures, it definitely should make you feel motivated to start your own social network.

You can easily create an interactive social network site, loaded with all kinds of features that you would see on existing ones.

To build a social network yourself, there are only really four Word Press plugins that you need to consider.

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