Richfaces progress bar not updating

Most probably the problem lies in your XHTML page and something is causing your not to fire the event.

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ln=primefaces&v=5.1 404 (Not Found) (xhtml, line 0) $HOSTADRESS$/javax.faces.resource/undefined/xhtml?

Here's how you should do it: String el Expression = "#"; ELContext el Context = faces ELContext(); Value Expression value Expression = faces Application()Expression Factory().create Value Expression(el Context, el Expression, Students Model Bean.class); Students Model Bean students Model Bean = (Students Model Bean) value Value(el Context); String hska Id = (String) Value(); students Model Student(hska Id); String... Here, your EL tries to invoke either a show Message() or a submit To Server() java method depending on a boolean value, which are not found. jsf,attributes,action,renderer As always, Balus C was right. This only prerequires: Bundle file is placed in same (sub)folder as composite XHTML itself.

what you want is a String with the JS function name, so just put function... But you can add your own temporary key for your use case: @Entity... Bundle file has exactly the same filename (prefix) as composite XHTML itself.

As to performing a POST to an external site, you don't necessarily need JSF here.

You're not interested in updating JSF model nor invoking...

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