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I quiz Greg on several topics that I think are crucial...

Welcome back for Session #006 of The CPA Guide Podcast!

Bryan is the worlds leading CPA exam mentor and has a mentorship service for accounting professionals call Ultimate CPA Exam Guide. We also talk how to discover your CPA exam study personality and why it's crucial for your success. Lucas Cherry returns to the CPA Guide podcast to reveal if he pass FAR or not! This is episode 1 of a 4 part CASE STUDY series where we will be tagging along for Lucas's journey to DOMINATING the CPA exam, specifically FAR. TCG009: CASE STUDY - #1 Lucas Cherry & His 6 Week Journey To Dominating FAR!

More specifically, in this podcast you will learn more about: * How ...Most of you are working full time jobs or are still in school, so how do you multi-task between your work, social life, and studying?I want to share 8 productivity tips that I have utilized almost every day since studying for the CPA exam and working at a Big Four Firm.2) The one tip that is going to lay the groundwork for everything you should base your career on.3) The top 3 mistakes I made when I first started studying for the CPA exam. You can download the podcast to your computer or listen to it here on the blog.

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