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Instagram knows its a mess, and the company plans to add notification filters to sort things out.

In Tidal, you could always share a link to your favorite playlist, song, artist, album, or video via a text message, email, or social media post.

Well, if you are using Chrome, there's a faster way.

Sticky notes and the refrigerator go perfectly together, like chocolate and peanut butter.

They're particularly popular among families with young kids, so they've been a key part of our personal lives for many years now.

Instagram is currently testing five new Boomerang options for its Stories camera.

Sometimes, you'll see a comment on Instagram that you really need to share.

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    As Tinder advises, it’s better to stay sober while on a date so your judgement is not impaired, and so you can get to know your date better.

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    The boyish types like Andy Samberg do nothing for me. Wit is sexy, and I've never been able to abide humorless men (or stupid ones). Taram is hot depending on the week because of his ridiculous weight fluctuation. A few too many afternoon beers and before you know it, there's a dick in his mouth.