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Captured in Târgoviște, they were tried by a drumhead military tribunal on charges of genocide, damage to the national economy and abuse of power to execute military actions against the Romanian people.

They were convicted on all charges, sentenced to death, and immediately executed on Christmas Day 1989, and to this day, are the last people to be condemned to death and executed in Romania.

In response, Romanians sought revolution and a change in government in light of similar recent events in neighbouring nations.The regime deliberately played on this sense that everyone was being watched to make it easier to bend the people to the Party's will.Ceaușescu created a cult of personality, with weekly shows in stadiums or on streets in different cities dedicated to him, his wife and the Communist Party.The austerity programme started in 1981 and the widespread poverty it introduced made the Communist regime very unpopular.The austerity programmes were met with little resistance among Romanians and there were only a few strikes and labour disputes, of which the Jiu Valley miners' strike of 1977 and the Brașov Rebellion of November 1987 at the truck manufacturer Steagul Roșu were the most notable.

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