Ross matthews dating

Sometimes after reading a bunch of serious books, I need a bit of fluff.

I'd venture to say that there are very few books as fluffy as this one.

These comedic memoir-esque type books seem to be growing in popularity these days, but I still consider some of Chelsea Handler’s and David Sedaris’ works to be the golden standard for this genre.

Though there are no great introspective moments in Man Up!

, it could be perfect for reading next to a pool, on a plane, or while you're sitting in a doctor's office. I knew him from Rupaul's Drag Race and now I know he is great on our own. Only took me a few days to read, mostly because I finished about half of it on a 5 hour plane ride.

:) It's one silly thing after another and could be just what you need to make you smile.

Mathews skates across deeper issues a couple of times.

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