Rowupdating get textbox value

I'm wondering if it has to do with a dropdown I have that "activates" the gridview.The user chooses the connection and it populates the gridview with the data from that connection.

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New Values("Property ID_Expired") 'The parameter is case sensitive.

This is all started from the Data Tutorial series found on the website. tabid=63 Maybe I should look into using the Get Products method with an Object Data Source and see how that works. Now I can get the Bound Field newvalues with no problem in the Row Updating event.

I've deleted the datasource and gridview and started again from scratch, but I still get the same problem.

My guess is that if you can get the Gridview has a Currency Manager somehow attached, then you can probably get the values from it.

I'm in a similar boat...almost the same conditions. NET 1.1 that the datagrid had something called a Currency looks like the object still exists in 2.0.

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