Runic dating system easter table

Composed around 1300, the medieval document’s use of traditional Scandinavian script reflects a tension between the West and the region’s indigenous culture.

Introduced in the 11th century, Christianity and its Latin script were seen as foreign and potentially threatening ideas.

Experts believe the 2.5-meter stone carved from fine-grained granite was erected in the late 800s.

However, recent analysis views the inscription as a series of riddles that described the stone itself.

Messages on the front discuss how to read the stone.

Ones on the back refer to the carving process and the runic alphabet.

Written in Elder Futhark script, the Proto-Norse message reads: Harja.

Experts believe this antler comb discovered on the Danish island of Funen once belonged to a soldier. The stronger, outside belt held items like knife, fire-making tools, and a purse.

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