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The recent release of Safari 9.0 brought a great new feature: pinned tabs.

These tabs are locked to the lefthand side of your tab bar and stay in place, even when you open a new window or relaunch the browser.

It’s literally one line of code in the is used to draw the vector shape contained in the file (the background color for the tab changes depending on whether the browser window is active and if it’s selected.) The documentation states that the graphic should be a vector shape filled with black.

In our first test, we used a fill color that wasn’t black: the image is used as a mask, so the opacity of a filled shape is the only thing that matters.

Of course it'd be great to have the people that develop extensions for Chrome develop the same extensions for Safari, perhaps to even add these features, but Apple scare them off with the 0 developer program I have favicons in Safari for the launch page, but not for tabs or the address bar. Not critical, but I love Chrome for the fact that I can just have favicons and no text labels.Personally, I dislike Chrome because of favicons and no text labels. I agree that the feedback link should be used, however, drawing attn is good too.When I have a dozen tabs open from the same domain (Stack Overflow, Wikipedia, some library docs), it can make tracking down the correct tab difficult. OP's question is a little like the guy who asked Steve if they were going to start putting intel stickers on laptops after the intel switch. I've seen this tactic work to help change Apple stuff over the years. The Anniversary update was THE chance to get people to finally use Edge, including me. Now I only have a row of star icons and can't tell which icon leads to which website, unless I wait for three seconds until the tooltip pops up.

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