Sagittarius man and sagittarius woman dating

But in the relationship she may make a few mistakes now and then or maybe she isn’t doing or feeling something towards her Sagittarius man in the times he needs her most, but to keep such things to himself is so much better than throwing it all on her.A Sagittarius man is a very good match for a Capricorn woman as his ideals attract her and make things possible she never thought even in her dreams.

He is amazed at his Capricorn female’s dedication in reaching her goals and she feels the same about him, however the way they reach these goals is not so similar.

Her life is orderly and tidy and her decisions are well thought out and quite concrete.

A Capricorn female is not much on the casual and flirty nature that others possess and is very realistic and sensible about her affairs.

Their sexual nature is a ground that has to be softly treaded on in some areas.

She thinks that lovemaking is something she allows her body to consummate as its need/desire arises.

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