Sammi sweetheart and ronnie dating

A lot of fictional television shows have one core couple that you just always knew was going to end up together, no matter what.That's not all that common for reality TV shows, due to their high turnover and relative lack of genuine relationships. (born December 4, 1985) is an American television personality and actor.He first came to prominence as one of the eight main cast members in the MTV reality series Jersey Shore.The relationship devolved into an endless gauntlet of drama, fighting, and even physical altercations, which apparently continued on and off the camera.

Writing an "anonymous" letter to Sammi detailing all the things they had seen Ronnie do, it actually blew up in Snooki and JWoww's face.

Sammi ended up siding with Ronnie and fighting with JWoww, not the other way around.

The letter would be a cause of drama for several episodes.

This continued throughout the show's run, both on and off screen, and we're not even counting the times they seemed to break up and get back together in the same episode.

It's safe to say, the relationship has always been a stormy one, prone to falling out and making up.

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