Scorpio dating cancer woman

Both of us have reserved natures when it comes to interacting with strangers and making the first move. But then gradually we started talking and couldn't stop.It really felt like we've known each other for years. We're both loyal, passionate, and intense lovers and getting physical holds a deeper meaning for both of us than merely satisfying our physical needs.I am an October Scorpio woman, very pretty, charming and emotionally intense.

But all through the years I wanted this guy and we would see each other now and then because he still has friends in our neighborhood.

I am a Scorpio woman with very strong feelings for a Cancer man. He is very responsive to me if I reach out I just do not understand why he does not reach out on his own. I was in love with two Cancer men in the past, both were love at first sight as if there were some unspeakable bonds between us.

We had a argument as if we have been dating for years the other day. I figured later that we are on the same emotional wave length.

I WAS involved with a Cancer man on and off for more than three years. I don't believe I can put up with this individual any longer.. He seems interested but I'm tired of making first moves on guys... My ex boyfriend after my daughters dad is a Cancer and my current boyfriend now is a Cancer. All of my serious relationships have been with Cancers as I feel such a connection with them.

I am a Scorpio woman and sometimes I feel a connection with him and the times I don't is when he is in his moody state of being. I mean as much as I think he and I can have something together. I've found that I always had to lay my feelings down first to Cancers to make them feel more secure with me and the jealousy I feel with them is unbearable. I swear the first time he looked into my eyes I felt like he looked right into my soul. But his moods were unpredictable, one minute he was hot, next he was cold.

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