Scorpio men and dating

He’s guided by a potent emotional nature which is deep and full of dimension.

He knows how to tap into both the destructive and constructive energies of human nature and bring them to life.

He is innately drawn to mystery and the unknown, which often turns him into a spiritual aspirant as he matures.

He has an unrelenting desire to understand what is unknown. Death, and the realms beyond our mundane existence.

He understands people’s natures and knows the inner workings of society.

He also knows spirituality and can grow a great deal in this life on that sort of path.

If something or someone does not evoke a passionate response from him then he’s not interested. It’s even tricky for other Scorpios to understand him, and that’s saying something. All Scorpios share a sense that their life is important and that they’re here to make an impact on the world.

It’s also one of his most defining characteristics. So much of his internal life exists in the dimensions that our surface-level culture rarely touches on.

Thus he will never forget a time when he was wronged by somebody. Think of a wounded Scorpion that is backed into a corner. If he doesn’t have a clear target and is racked with stress, he might just end up sinking that stinger right into his own back. The supernatural, the occult, astrology, mystical things.. Scorpio is the sign of birth, death, and transformation after all.He might not always be conscious of it, but dangle some otherworldy mystery in front of him and he’s sure to have a strong response. Scorpio tends to hold his cards close to his chest. Even if he is involved in expressive arts like theatre or acting when it comes to his personal life he is less expressive than most.Of course, this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t feel an abundance of emotions (he does), but rather that he feels at an instinctive level to contain them until it’s expression is entirely needed. At his core, Scorpio is soft, caring and sensitive.This allows him to churn out great artwork that touches people in a deep way. Scorpio wants to understand the hidden nature of everything in life and everything around him, especially the inner workings of other people.This trait is related to his need to be in control of his surroundings.

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