Scott hoying and mitch grassi dating dating personal relationship smiley tavis

It's not easy, and only a few reach the pinnacle unscathed, but for Superfruit's Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying, the path to the success was a walk in the park.-era You Tube.

To those who might be wondering, Scott Hoying is gay.One could describe them as a real-life story and Scott Hoying is a member of the 5-member group.Scott Hoying stands out in the group for a few reasons, one being his skin color, hair, and his sexuality, but it is his voice that has made him not just a member of a Grammy-winning a cappella group but a famous face in his own right.In the five-person group, Scott Hoying is one of its notable faces and while he is very much a talented singer, Scott can look to his relationship with Mitch Grassi, another prominent face in the group whom he has been friends with since 8 as one of the reasons the acclaimed group exists.Scott Hoying met Mitch in 2001, eight years after he was born on the 17th of September, 1991 in Arlington, Texas.

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