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Go swimming at the beach, steal a kiss at Sunset Point, or casually swing your arm around your date as you admire the gorgeous koi pond.

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You can bond over coffee at the gorgeous atrium cafe in the Kresge Court before the show.

Ask any Detroiter -- or anyone in America, for that matter -- about their favorite love songs, and a sultry Motown track is bound to be part of their playlist.

Go on a tour of the original Hitsville USA, and you and your one-and-only will almost sense Smokey Robinson belting out “Cruisin’” in Studio A.

Yeah, yeah, okay, we’re starting to sound a little saccharine, but once you and babycakes get a taste of the whimsical bonbons created by the Babes Babes Babes at Bon Bon Bon, you’ll understand.

Each season, the chocolate shop rolls out a different “collection,” so you’ll be sure to enjoy delicious, summer-tinged chocolates with grade-A punny names (“Zac Saffron” and “Sunny Hunny” were highlights of this year’s spring collection). Your sweet tooth -- and your sweetheart -- will thank you for this date night detour. Detroit Axe is Metro Detroit’s self-appointed “first wholly dedicated, competitive axe throwing area.” Set above the former Local Kitchen and Bar in downtown Ferndale, the venue rents out 12 lanes for tournaments.

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