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A lot of the girls see I as a way of making cash for uni or just funding a life style. Try it, be polite, hold intelligent conversations and you will meet girls . I signed up a couple months ago to find someone to spend some time with. Why would they send you a message, read it and never respond? You can set up a profile and pick ANY state you want.There are a couple sites that are a month but they actually have real ladies in your location to talk to. " data-username="Brian  S." data-message-link="" data-message-title="Send a message to Brian S." data-details="Photo uploaded on 8/8/19" data-photo-url="/reviews/" data-browse-link="/photos/" data-browse-text="Browse all Secret Benefits photos"I’m very sorry to hear you haven’t enjoyed your experience on Secret Benefits.So I purchased the minimum, and checked one out, that messaged me. After a few weeks, I realized that every new profile that was made - I would get an automated email from her. I used half my credits up already on girls who messaged me 1st, just to find it was a scam. Oh, then they say verified members, - do a search under verified and it cuts about half them out. There are not many verified guys, I have been stood up twice and no one really replies to messages.Also, if you pay attention, they but on a new girl a least once a week, and the others show the girls never sign in again after the first week. I had a great relationship from Secret Benefits that lasted about 8 months. Very happy the site is still going strong and attracting more women.As with any dating site, it can sometimes take awhile to find someone you match well with.You can also greatly improve the responses you get by sending a good first message that entices them into responding. The way it works is that the men pay to contact the women.It just feels like I should get a bunch of credits back for all the times I write someone who's on the site for one day and then is gone.

Like others, i created a profile and had girls contact me. I joined a few weeks ago and at first it was really interesting but it did force me to verify while I was in the middle of an allergic reaction so I hate my video.

They let you call the shots and take you out to all the places you always wanted to go to. I had a bunch of silly questions and some difficulty getting my profile rolling to the point of feeling confident I could go live and dive into finding my match. I tried this again, only with profiles that i saw were active within a week, more than a week out, don't bother unless you see they update.

The lady that helped me from the start was very kind and patient with me. I did get a couple of responses back and i'm going to see how that turn goes.

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