Secunia not updating flash

This software offers a wide variety of analysis modes: Quick scan checks the software that is most essential for the security of your PC.

Full analysis allows you to check an extensive list of applications on your PC.

The Flexera company, in a message posted on its forums, has announced that the Secunia Personal Software Inspector, or abbreviation PSI, will no longer be available after April 20, 2018.

Although this may not surprise those who have been using it since its inception, it marks the end of handy software that has helped protect the computers of millions of people.

Do you use any of these Secunia PSI alternatives before?

Adobe and Microsoft have each released security updates to fix critical security flaws in their software.

Manual analysis Scheduled analysis (every day, weekdays, weekends, once a week, once a month).

Besides, this software allows the computer user to choose the updates that he wants to apply.

With just a few clicks, you can update your PC software so that your computer runs smoothly and securely.

Optionally, choose to install 32-bit applications on 64-bit Windows.

One of the unique features of this PSI alternative is that it changes the colour of updated and outdated apps for people with colour blindness.

Secunia Personal Software Inspector is a program that scans the user’s computer for obsolete programs and then offers a list of available updates.

Initially created by Secunia, which was later acquired by Flexera in 2015, Personal Software Inspector has been a program that has always been recommended by security researchers, since it offers a free and easy-to-use interface for the computer user in this way making sure you do not have outdated and potentially vulnerable software installed on your computer.

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