Severe dating anxiety

Having anxiety is bad enough in everyday life — say, when you're having a panic attack at a Fed-Ex Kinkos or popping benzos before a meeting with your boss. Crying and hyperventilating on a park bench for no reason apparent to anyone but you realllllly gets those dicks up!

As for dating, it tends to make an already-awkward situation way worse.

When you’re dating someone with anxiety, communication may be even more unsteady and unpredictable.

The relationship itself can be a trigger for their anxious perceptions.

He was self-disparaging, especially if she was busy and unable to respond to his messages for a while.

You're never really excited for dates because you're too busy obsessing and being worried.

One glass of prosecco and I'll turn into Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs. Every time a guy doesn't text you back in the early stages of dating you assume the worst and immediately go into crisis mode.

When doubts and questions and anxieties lie low, under the surface of your interactions, they are more likely to intensify.

And passive aggression is more likely to manifest in one or both directions between you.

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