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However, the snow is still nice and soft, and the pistes are well painted in our favourite colour of the season: white.

It’s been snowing intermittently throughout the day today, and the visibility on the mountain was reduced by low clouds and a flat white light which made it difficult to judge the terrain at times.

The visibility on the slopes was great due to the clear weather conditions, and the sun was so bright and powerful that it hurt my eyes to even momentarily switch form sunglasses and goggles between getting off the lift and starting the run.

In bright light conditions it’s best to wear a category 2 or 3 lensed goggles as these will provide the best protection for your eyes.

The temperature is expected to be around -6 degrees and the wind will be relatively low at just 8 kilometres an hour.

The forecasted weather conditions suggest that it will be another day of low visibility, so take care, stick to the lower pistes on the mountain and wear suitable goggles!

Although, for some people goggle tans are worn like a badge of honour - displayed proudly to celebrate their many hours spent on the mountain.At the moment the upper snow depth on the mountain is just over two metres, so as you can imagine – we’re pretty happy right now!The snow is so deep in some places a few of the piste signs on the side of the slopes are becoming partially buried, and in Canillo yesterday, a hole had to be dug around one of the Mont Magic statues so that she didn’t become buried in the snow! The coverage on the pistes is looking pretty good thanks to the snowfall we’ve been having recently, but the consistency of the snow is a little wet and heavy at the moment, so it doesn’t quite have the powdery consistency that we dream of.To get here, we took the Tosa Espiolets chairlift in El Tarter, and then rode down to the Solanelles chairlift in Soldeu.Just after midday low clouds had started to roll into the mountains, meaning that the top of the Tosa Espiolets and the Solanelles chairlifts kept disappearing from view.

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