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I struck for minute and smiled gone inside sat on sofa, she told that she cooked special for me. She : my first night, I shocked by this message and think to take advantage and i replied I : how was your first night?

She brought all food to dining table while supply food i saw her novel got exited. She : “sakatagirutte ha majane bere, ratri poorti malgoke bidlilla gotta ( kannada) neenu madilva nin girlfriend jothe ?

I gone to her home she welcomed with a smile i sat in hall she give a tea and asked about my studies.

I asked about her life while talking she started to cry by remember her fast with her husband. I told i had a girlfriend but she left me due to mis-understandings, she asked did you enjoy with her ha?? I blushed and said we used go park and movies etc she was gave a naughty smile and said “oh haaa haa astena enu madlilva nija helo”?

And my rod started to grow i am unable to control after lunch i said beautiful aunty, she asked me or food? ” I; illa avlu madoke bidlilla She : neenobba waste body kano, madodalva.

I said both was so happy that first time i behave like more friendly. I said ok with smile she look at my tent in my pant. Hudgiru heltare avra matu kelbardu I : madoke aase ittu en madli... She : madkotini nangantu tumba sex beku ansutte ganda madi madi ruche sikbitide adke I: (started stroking my rod ) nandu liquid out aytu She : manege baro bega andlu.

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he died in a car accident she told that he loves me a lot and i was very happy with him and she stays here only to look after his property she said leave that matter i don’t have luck to enjoy, tell me about your college life, i told about it after some time she asked how many girlfriend you have? I shocked said with smile no aunty and i gone to my room.

I was shocked by this question from her, she always behaves very decently with me. My mind started thinking non-sense and started masturbation with name of kavita. In afternoon she called me for lunch, i gone there she wore a block syary looking like a angel.

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