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I have never owned a webcam nor do I have time to chat (when would I have time to write? I will be interested to get your feedback, not only about the story, but about how I structured the story as well. " Donna: I DON'T KNOW -- MAYBE WE SHOULD BOTH FIND A WAY TO TEASE THE BOYS BETWEEN NOW AND TOMORROW NIGHT AND WE'LL TELL EACH OTHER WHAT WE DID. I saw my son off to school, driving away in his second hand beater of a car and then racing off to work myself.

And yes, somewhere down the line, there will be a more conventional sequel. I mean, you have all this access to all kinds of information and entertainment and so many ways to communicate with people. I was preoccupied with the problem all day and kept screwing up flower orders and having to redo them.

I have embellished it somewhat, adding the aspect of a webcam and any technical errors are solely my fault. As I raced around getting ready to go to work, I pondered how I was going to "tease" my son before ten o'clock tonight.

Donna and I shared our relationship triumphs (far too few) and our relationship disasters (way too many). I often ran around the house in a blouse or nightshirt and panties.

Through the ether of the internet, we wiped each other's tears and cheered each other's triumphs. Of course, I usually had a bra on as well as plain and functional white cotton panties. " I felt my heart begin beating a little faster as I turned from the sink and faced my son.

As I slowly stroked my still throbbing pussy, my leg draped over the side of my chair, Donna asked me, (forgive me if this is awkward, but I'm not sure how else to write this). My son had fled the room, but not before I could make out a discernable bulge in his cutoff jeans. I guess I got focused for a moment on my own gratification because Donna had to prompt me. I wondered how visible my nipples might be against the white material of my blouse as I leaned into him and stood on tip-toe to kiss him, pressing my unfettered breasts against his hard body.

Donna: WHEN JOHN HIT PUBERTY, DID HE EVER PEEK AT YOU? YOU KNOW HOW THEY ARE WHEN PUBERTY HITS THEM -- LOL! I COULDN'T CLIMB OUT OF THE SHOWER OR CHANGE CLOTHES WITHOUT HIM BARGING IN! It wasn't the first time my son had "accidentally" walked in on me in the shower -- over the years, he had caught me naked many times, but I wrote it off to a typical boy's case of raging hormones. This was a little beyond anything we'd ever discussed before, but I considered Donna a good friend and I wanted to be honest. JOHN CAUGHT ME NAKED COMING OUT OF THE SHOWER JUST A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO. LAST SATURDAY I SAW HIM IN MY BEDROOM MIRROR PEEKING AT ME WHILE I WAS GETTING DRESSED. He had been practicing hard and I felt a little dizzy as I smelled his sweat and musk.

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