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According to MBTI personality type, I am ENFJ - compassionate, empathetic, genuine, and responsible. As we all know how guys in this room behave, I actually don't expect much from this site.

Highly attuned to the feelings, emotions and needs of others. Enjoy being sociable and being a team player with good communication and organizational skills. Nonetheless, I still believe there are few decent guys whom I might meet and chat here.

While active nudists already have their own resources for finding all the secret spots, the average Jack or Jill just looking for a place to legally try nature in the nude might want to know where that’s possible. Indeed, Texas has no law specifically forbidding public nudity (non-sexual), but Austin also has the state’s only official, government-maintained, clothing-optional public park – Hippie Hollow.

Even the park’s sign says, “Yours to enjoy naturally.” Situated on 100 acres of prime Lake Travis shoreline and about 20 minutes from downtown, Hippie Hollow offers plenty of quiet space for skinny dipping, as well as great trails for hiking.

Dogs' great companionship and unconditional love to us offer the best therapy we human can get !

Join us in the free gay Jollyville, Texas chat rooms and start connecting.

I’m a curious guy looking for a guy who like giving on top to guys looking for a guy who doesn’t get lucky because of looks or character I’m looking for someone no matter your looks weight size color I’m looking for a man that’s really into a guy that wants to please them been with a guy once and he was so excited that he blew halfway in me .

I have an ass that make most rock hard so if you haven’t been laid in a while hit me up idc if you the ugliest guy in world let’s play. Looking for a regular buddy to get together with every once in a while.

Serious only MWM, "Str8," but have messed around with a guy a few times. But I'd love to meet up for a beer or burger or up.

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