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Shavies said he panicked, paid on a credit card, and left.

His wife found out about the massage when she questioned why there were two charges to the Mayflower Massage Parlor on a credit card bill, later telling investigators that she was suspicious because Shavies didn’t like massages.

Those records show Ahern also fired Shavies for soliciting prostitution and for violating rules that require officers to “conduct their private lives in such a manner as to reflect favorably on the agency.” Ahern described Shavies as “dishonest” for a story he concocted after his then-wife found credit card charges from a Dublin massage parlor on the family account.

Last month the Alameda County Sheriff released documents under Senate Bill 1421, the state’s new police transparency law, showing Shavies was fired for lying about a break-in at his home and damaged furniture.

The documents did not include details about the massage parlor incident that also played a role in his termination.

She said that Shavies’ beatings of their child and his children from a previous marriage were “just because of the way he was raised.

The choice of punishment was physical punishment.” She also said Shavies’ family had asked her to speak with Gang after this news organization called the chief and Shavies about the abuse allegations.

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