Shinhwa dating style

If he seems 'ignore' Seo Hyun Jin, it just the matter that he's attached now and he should respect his relationship. Watching him in Three Meals A Day and confirm he's totally different with other korean. Korean is popular with their palli palli habit but not with Eric. He just so good in anything but also very calm and low key.

Therefore, other people would naturally react whether good or bad about it. But keep your facts straight people, before you get "annoyed".Eric is an idol turned actor and not vice versa, idols' fans may be really sensitive to issues regarding one member of the group being dragged away from the group. For Eric-Shinhwa fans or Eric-drama/ solo activities fans, please give your support to his activities (anything you like of him more) without dissing one another.We respect those who just like him individually but when stating opinions you all could be careful too with the words you utter. offer as solo, been offered lots of money to left shinhwa, but he chose not to.why? I'm glad about his marriage and hope his happy life with his own family. @Annoying, @Gean, & a fan : You really don't know Eric if you try to separate him from Shinhwa. Words say something like, a sky never tells that it's high and a sun doesn't need to brag that it's hot. He never brags about anything, although he's the most awesome man in this planet.

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