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Experience Hawaii’s largest mall, Ala Moana Center, a multi-million square foot open air mall that includes just about everything including luxury goods, department stores, boutiques, bars, restaurants and food court. Board the Mighty ‘Mo, the ship on which WWII was ended. IMMERSEThe Honolulu Museum of Art has been called the finest small museum in the United States. Founded by Hawai’i Royalty, the Bishop Museum is the largest museum in all of Hawai’i.

The Pink Line also services other favorite shopping destinations including DFS Galleria, International Market Place, Royal Hawaiian Center, Waikiki Beach Walk and Hilton Hawaiian Village. On the edge of Waikiki, the Honolulu Zoo is 42 acres of family fun and home to 905 different animals emphasizing Pacific Tropical ecosystems. Discover the elegant new jellyfish gallery, view the threatened Hawaiian green sea turtles, and be mesmerized by the 4,000-gallon tank featuring the living reef ecosystem of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. Included as a bundle for our 4-Day or 7-Day passes. Explore the stories and legends within with your choice of either a 35 minute guided tour or an acoustiguide audio tour. Included as a bundle for our 4-Day or 7-Day passes. Not only home to a collection that includes Van Gogh, Gaugin, Picasso and Hokusai, the museum also presents international-caliber special exhibitions. This East Oahu attraction is a place to enjoy the company of dolphins, sea lions, rays, sharks, native fish and more. The premier natural and cultural history institution in the Pacific, this sprawling museum houses royal relics, fossils, a planetarium, a science center, the Hawaiian Hall exhibit and more! Included as a bundle for our 4-Day or 7-Day passes.

The trolley stops at the traffic light at the exit of the Marriott Copley Place Carriage Way.

Charles Street South at Boylston Street and Park Plaza.

Tickets Sold at this Stop Stop #5 is on State Street, directly across from the Old State House Museum.

Huntington Avenue Tickets Sold at this Stop Huntington Avenue at the exit of the Carriage Way from the Marriott Copley Place Hotel Stop #11 In front of the Marriott Copley Place Hotel.

History comes alive with this exclusive Waikiki Trolley Bundle.

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All sec Bought for my mum, but she has never used it.

• Easy to use shopping trolley which provides support when walking and a seat to rest when required • Compact and portable for travel and storage • When used as a seat the wheels are automatically o Shopping trolley with 6 wheels to allow ease when it comes to going up and down curbs or stairs. This trolley has a large storage area and 2 zipped compartments at the back.

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