Shs sexleaks

The viral nude video shows a student of the University of Ghana named Maame Dora in a strip tease chat with her boyfriend.According to the sources the video was leaked during the Easter holidays and contains a private video chat session Dora had with her boyfriend over the internet.An anonymous source in Tamale tells Vibe that the sex taping among women in Tamale and other parts of the country is rising at an alarming rate and therefor calls on the authorities to arrest the habit before it gets out of hand.“This kind of thing in Tamale is very common these days, some of the videos just hasn’t gotten leaked out yet but plenty of such videos are on many people’s phones here in Tamale.” The source further added that the police would have to step up efforts in prosecuting anyone who is caught posting sex tapes on social media in order to protect set-upped victims and children.A Ghana man sent his camera in for repair recently, forgetting to remove the memory card containing rather revealing sex tapes.The repairman took the card out of the camera and happened to notice a video file on the card.said rather quaintly that the limping man is now “currently on the run” after police and other people in the area have launched a manhunt to find him.

Besides the noticeable absence of Offei in the area, apparently the women who featured in the tapes have allegedly left town and their whereabouts are currently unknown.The teenager in the video claims that she did not even know her video session was being recorded.While the boyfriend with whom Dora was chatting says he also did not leak the video.She said their home is close to her husband’s photo studio, and she cannot imagine how she missed what was happening.It now seems possible neighbors had been trying to let her know what was going on, but she only found out once the sex tapes started doing the rounds.

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