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Not that it’s got to be a date — if you need to even the numbers for a friends night out or a companion for your golf sesh, this can be for you too.

Seeking paid companionship isn’t unheard of, but it’s not exactly the most conventional option in our country.

Figuring out if your match is serious about a relationship or just in for the fun — it’s a blind guess half the time.

Meet Maybe, where you can go on a date with any of its thirty-two ladies and four gentlemen (at present) — for a fee.

There are newcomers in the Singapore dating scene — you can now rent your ‘ideal’ date with this new service, and it’s gaining traction.

We know about online dating, but it surely isn’t what it used to be.

When he isn’t blogging about his latest adventures, he’s most definitely hunting down the latest and biggest sales in online shopping.

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We thought Tinder was the new way of finding romance, as the rippling effect of increasingly digital lifestyles.

But Singaporeans are still joking about declining birth rates, and more people than ever are flying solo.

Penny: There are men out there, although you may have to look hard for them, and fight other women off!

It also depends on what you want; it can be very transient – people come and go from Singapore.

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